Thank you for your interest in having a special individual painting made for you.

A commission is a lovely way to have a bespoke special art work created to your own personal specifications – a place a mood and to your own size dimensions.

The process –

  • Initial discussion with the patron to determine details about the work ie the theme, location, mood and size of the work.

  • Discussion relating to the presentation of the work ie to be painted on wooden panels to be framed, or as a panel to hang directly onto the wall.

  • I would then produce an invoice out lining my understanding of requirements for the work.  Payment is then made 50% up front, with the balance due on completion. NB  A commission can be a big purchase and I am happy  to break the payment into manageable instalments, this can be discussed at the onset, and again this is a personal decision which I am very happy to work with you on this.

  • I would then visit the location, if possible, and take photographs, make notes and sketches.

  • As the work comes together, I will send images of progress via email to ensure that the patron is happy with the direction the work is going on.

  • Completion, the work is delivered to your home address.


 As example I have selected 3 sizes to give an idea of cost.

If you have a particular size in mind, a more accurate price can be calculated

  • All prices include presentation ie panel or frame. So complete and ready for hanging.

  • Regular communication during the process of being made.

  • Resin option, and delivery.

               Sizes                    Typical price     

  1. 1000 X 1000 MM             £4460                  

  2. 900 X 600 MM                  £2620                  

  3. 790 X 640 MM                  £2482                   

From time to time Jo will make discount offers on commissions, please contact jo at for up to date offers