January 2022 Exhibition Invitation

I'd like to invite you as a newsletter signee, supporter of my work, and friend, to my exhibition which opens tomorrow; Saturday 15th January at Oriel Mimosa, Llandeilo.

From 12 there will be a complimentary glass of wine and a slice of cake or two if you get there early enough. Parking is easy in Llandeilo, a carpark on 26 Crescent Road, provides plenty of spaces and at a minimum fee. There is some free parking near by but this is limited and being Saturday these may be snapped up early.

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces tomorrow, never been too good at opening events, so please pop over if you can to support me, and view this wonderful gallery to. Sallie Wakley also has a few of her wonderful animal sculptures available here, as well as a good many other favourite welsh artists of mine. Llandeilo also has some stunning shops; additional to Mimosa, and tea rooms, so a lovely place to make a day visit to.

Swansea artist Tim Kelly continues to manage Tides Fine Art Gallery through out January, exhibiting his own work along side my ocean waves and work by Sallie Wakley, James Norbury, and Yvette Brown, to name a few.

He will be open Saturday and Sunday Tides Fine Art Gallery, 625 Mumbles Road, Mumbles. Blue skies are promised with intermittent light rain possibly, but a lovely weekend to pop over to Mumbles to enjoy a walk along the promenade, have a tea or light lunch and say hello to Tim in Tides.

On a slightly different note, I am running the 50 mile challenge for Maggie's this January. This is definitely a challenge for me having not run for a good many years now. On top of this I managed to break my little toe on my right foot on New Years Day by falling into a door frame! just trying to do too much to quickly I think, I hadn't even had a small glass of wine!.

Maggie's provides free practical and emotional support for people living with cancer, and their family and friends. We have centres across the UK and a growing international network, with more planned for the future. Maggie's

I've completed almost half the mileage already, and been most grateful for the already generous donations amounting to £180. Please if you would like to, Id be most grateful for any amount you could donate. The link is below.

Run 50 miles in January for Maggie's

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