Lock down II

With winter upon us, darker evenings, colder and wetter, much wetter weather - and to top it all Covid governs how we conduct our selves and restricts our movements.

Like you, I too have felt bewildered and at times I confess down hearted by it all.

However, hurdles may be thrown in our path, but gratitude is always there for the roof over our heads, the meal on our table, good health, and our beautiful landscape - amongst other things.

As an artist, I am lucky to have my studio to work in, my go to happy place. The gallery ticks on with your support via online queries and sales. Commissions have been taken and my work is aligned to take me into early next year.

For subscribers my offer of 15% off my own giclee prints for October has proved popular. I am happy to extend this offer until this second Welsh lock down comes to an end, plus free deliver if local and free postage if further afield.

Graham Parker continues as out guest artist, his work is so vibrant and full of colour, the horizon focused images dance with movement and vibrancy.

Harry Richmond's beautifully designed and executed print take centre stage in our gallery window.

This print comes in a range of sizes, and framed on request. All are limited edition and signed. Currently we have exclusivity to these. They make lovely presents for loved ones or for yourself - we cant always visit the coast we love but we can have art work to remind us and inform us of its beauties and hidden truths as this does completely

A3 £35 framed £75

A2 £75 framed £115

A1 £170 *hanging system available

A0 Price on application

You can find Harry on Instagram @harryrichmonddesign

One last mention is that of Jamie Hyatt, a gallery regular for us. This time last year you may remember seeing his original Halloween painting. Very ghoulish and maybe not for every one, but then art is subjective and this painting was received very well. Very skilled and imaginative.

We still have a few prints of this in the gallery for £20, message me to order if you'd like one. NB the original is also available, so similarly let me know if you would like further information.

Next week a new blog post will introduce our chosen charity to support "Art Crisis". Returning to my opening paragraph - gratitude for a roof over our heads, many don't have this even - the homeless numbers of young males in London has even doubled in a year.

As a small business I like to support where we can, so regular payments are made to this charity, and we're looking forward to working with the Swansea group when possible to raise awareness of this charity and support in means other than just the small financial donations that we give.

Also exciting news re Big Panda and Tiny Dragon - if you are not familiar with this unlikely duo take a look on instagram @bigpandaandtinydragon - Tides has exclusivity to James Norburys signed prints - images to follow shortly.

Stay safe

My very best wishes


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