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Sorry for the a tad naf heading ! but now that I have your attention please give me a couple of moments of your time to read my newsletter .

Its been an odd year to say the least, for me in Tides Fine Art Gallery I have been over whelmed by the support I have received, from new and regular visitors to Tides Fine Art Gallery. I am genuinely deeply grateful and humbled by this.

For fear of going off on tangents, I want to keep this fairly brief.

The website has had a spruce up by Harry Richmond who is also the designer and maker of the Shipwrecked print which will be available soon in the "Shop" page.

January see's my exhibition being hosted by oriel Mimosa in Llandeilo. over 11 of my paintings have been delivered this week for this exhibition and I am delighted to have been offered this opportunity. If you are in the locality, please pop in and have a look. Llandeilo is also a gem of a town to visit, lovely coffee shops, not to mention the galleries, clothes shops are rather special too Toast being one!

"Deep" mixed media on panel. making her debut in this exhibition. She will need a large wall!

"Big Panda and Tiny Dragon" signed prints on bamboo paper, and signed copies of the book ha

ve been a huge hit in Tides. The book has deservedly made it to The Sunday Times Bestseller book list. number 2 when I last looked. James Norbury is a Swansea lad, and it has been wonderful to see him do so well. If you do not have the book yet, and would like a signed copy please get in touch. I have a small selection of prints that can be sold unframed or framed. These can be bought on James's website too but I am proud to say that his hand signed prints are available through Tides.

BIG announcement

January will see me taking a break from Tides, this is so that I can work on a couple of commissions, and upholstery projects for clients. I am still in Mumbles and will be beavering away in my studio most days. Tim Kelly will be temporarily moving in to the gallery, so Tides will be open for you to browse some existing work but also Tim's own work - wonderful busy originals, his huge ones really fascinate me. His work is very unique and has to be seen in the flesh to be really appreciated, his skill in mark making and originality is wonderful.

In the new year I hope to have an array of new work on display in Tides, as well as deliver to the lovely gallery in Porthgain, Harbour Lights.

Lastly, on this day: the eve before Christmas Eve, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, a peaceful one or a family/friends filled one. Raise our glasses to a much happier and "freer" 2022.

Much love and very best wishes


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