Would you buy on line?

As lock down is gradually being lifted there are definitely more people around on Mumbles Promenade and queuing for chips and ice cream.

However, are they shopping and browsing in every day shops for one time purchases ?

Sadly; and understandably not. I've seen a few shopping bags for Fat face but in my experience - on line seems to be where most of the purchases are happening.

Now that I have added to my gallery and prints pages, plus added a collections page with Valerie Ganz, Ian Houston and Gordan Stuart to name but a few, I am now considering if customers would like to order from my site directly?

Prints would definitely be an advantage for easy shopping, personally though I think that paintings of greater value than £500 need to be viewed in the flesh - after all this is a big investment. I know that there is always an exception to the rule though.

I am asking for feedback please on this one.

Please drop me a line, and email or respond via the chat link on the site. Happy even if you would like to ring me or text. Your opinion matters to me so please if you can spare me a moment that would be great.

If you'd like to make a purchase in the meantime, a print, an original or a commission please call, text, or email.

tel. 07918733830

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